Environmental concerns are becoming more important worldwide with many countries now having plans in place to reflect their commitment towards making the world a better place. Regional governments are applying pressure on industries to develop new strategies to tackle this major issue. MEISCO, in partnership with some of the finest companies around the world, is able to offer technologies that minimize environmental damage.

We are committed to the cause of protecting the environment and in playing functional roles across the breadth of the pollution control and waste management industry. Our work entails developing industry-specific wastewater management programs that are not only workable but also economical for our clients. Our unique solutions include state-of-the art technologies and highly efficient processes to treat industrial waste water.

We offer products and services pertaining to Environmental Management Systems, Environmental Impact Assessments, Oil Spill Contingency Planning and Air Emissions Monitoring, as well as Noise & Vibration Studies and Protection Services, including Toxic Waste & Sewage Plant Treatments, Effluent Treatment, Consulting, Surveys and Research.